Kholwa Updates

For just short of two weeks, the Kholwa Brothers traveled the eastern corridor of the USA visiting 10 cities, singing, dancing and telling the story of a youth development program with a unique slant - one that prioritizes character development.

Hotel foyers, the waiting areas at boarding gates at airports, restaurants, waiting rooms at train stations, the NY metro, Grand central station in NY, the steps to the Lincoln Memorial in Washington DC, the Avis car rental front desk area at LaGuardia International and the many planned events all became the fertile soil for the soothing and inspiring sounds of the Kholwa Brothers’ Isicathamiya genre to take its roots in the prepared hearts of everyone who listened - it became the most wonderful time of the year as Ntuzuma touched the USA.

It was a series of inescapable encounters - not that anyone wanted to leave. Wherever the Kholwa Brothers sang, hearts were moved, tears flowed, smiles were born on weary countenances and bodies swayed to the rhythm of the South African pulse.

Communities of faith from New York to Baltimore to Silver Spring, York, Pennsylvania and Atlanta, Georgia heard the Kholwa sounds and listened to the descriptions of the wisdom model that infused their dreams and aspirations. Academics from New York University, Steinhardt and the College of Education at Georgia State University in Atlanta created space for those dreams to be shared and vowed to support and study this unique youth development program.

Young and old, from the toddlers in The Music Class in Atlanta to the elderly at the Takoma Park Adult daycare centre and the young people and adolescents in York, all experienced the soulful Kholwa Brothers’ creatively adjusted renditions of familiar and uniquely South African songs all intended to meet the needs of the moment in the context of that moment.

The best is yet to come. The dye is cast while, at the same time, new moulds are being shaped to give our children and young people a sense of purpose and direction in a challenging world.

View more pictures and read more about the US-trip HERE

Derrick Mlambo Birthday

Our first ever intercontinental rehearsal spanned thousands of kilometres from Ntuzuma in the KZN province in South Africa to Brussels in Belgium.

It is a truly memorable day. We used social media platforms to exchange ideas, arrange, practice, review, practice again, try out something new, send an audio file, edit, listen to the edit, comment and ... rejoiced at the enormous opportunity to live, learn, grow and make a difference.

Today we reached out to our communities in Durban and Pietermaritzburg to share the exciting news of our up-coming visits to the USA and Europe during the 2018-2019 season. We have been welcomed and received with eagerness by all. Thank you for sharing in our joy and for finding an opportunity to support what we do.

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